The Conversation You Don’t Know You’re Having



As a part of the Millennial Generation, the evidence is clear that traditional mass marketing has disappeared.  This change has come quickly, and pushes for constant new developments for the future.  The number of social mediums available to audiences is immense and will continue to expand in the coming years.  We see less and less people using traditional forms of media and turning to the digital world.  With the vast amount of information now available it takes a lot more to get a person’s attention, and to keep them around long enough to care.

Marketing has become more than a relationship, it is about building trust. “Today, PR has become a dialogue with a much wider range of influencers (Stuart Feil)”.  A conversation has started between the customer and brand.  It is the duty of the business to keep the customer talking.  Developing this loyalty is crucial to keeping the brand relationship alive.  Every customer is listening and taking in new information.  It is the brand’s job to intervene and be vocal about what makes their brand different from the rest.  To produce overall success brands need to strategically find their niche in the market and then develop a plan that keeps their customer coming back for more.  Keep in mind that “Your experience is not their experience.”

Customer engagement gives brands the chance to take control and inspire new topics  which the customer also has control over.  In the new age it is not about advertising anymore it is about having a conversation.  Our products talk to us and we talk back.


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