Not just a Product, but a Brand



Selling a product or service has turned into selling a brand.  With the millions of brands to now choose from it is crucial for the success of a business to sell themselves to the public.  More options mean more decisions, and it is within the brand messaging that a company truly reaches out to their target audience.

Gatorade, Red Bull and Mountain Dew: all three similar products, yet extremely different.  Where do they differ?  Their brand messaging.  Each one of these products has built a brand around themselves.  They have already developed their product, and have now moved towards creating an experience for their consumers.



“Red Bull gives you wings”; a now iconic saying that captivates this energy drink’s purpose all the while channeling a new energy for life.  Before looking at the Red Bull website, I knew what to expect.  The Red Bull brand message is clearly about a need for action, and living a life on the edge.  A supporter of adventure sports such as biking, surfing, motocross and more, Red Bull is telling its consumer to take risks.  They cater to a younger audience looking for adventure.  The messaging behind the brand is that even if you yourself don’t take risks, get inspired by somebody who does.

As evidence that Red Bull supports the fact that people can do anything, take their 2012 sponsorship of a man who freefell from space:



Sports are the backbone of Gatorade products, and have now revolutionized this product into a global brand.  Gatorade not only fuels people with its products, but it now gives them a reason to get out there and find their strengths.  Through new interactive marketing techniques Gatorade is getting their audience more involved.  Currently they have a campaign where you can design your own Gatorade bottle showing how you “#WinFromWithin”.  The new message of Gatorade is really about finding yourself as an athlete and aiming towards your goals.  Support from a number of professional athletes back up this bands credibility, while also supporting its general message.  Their statement under their Twitter account sums up what the overall brand is about: “Fueling athletic performance since 1965.  #WinFromWithin”.

A recent Gatorade commercial summarizes the development of Gatorade as a brand:



With so many different soda brands out there, products have begun to reinvent themselves like Mountain Dew.  The message of Mountain Dew is to get the energy you need to conquer anything.  The main site mainly seems to target a younger male demographic, focusing on high-energy sports and events.  Just like their drink, the Mountain Dew campaigns are in your face bold.  This brand has turned away from the traditional selling and has tried to captivate its audience with an amplified way of living life.

This Youtube clip shows how Mountain Dew has singers endorse their product, while mutually supporting their brand:

Differentiation is key in today’s market.  Based on what I have seen digitally about these three brands I have concluded that the Red Bull brand engages its audience the most.  As a brand that supports the idea that people can do anything, they really have pushed the limits.  With their different campaigns that defy the way we live our lives, and the way they market them on the Internet definitely captures interest no matter if you’re adventurous or not.  In relation to Red Bull, I think that Gatorade and Mountain Dew haven’t taken as many risks.  They have made good changes for the future of their brands, but Red Bull has taken leaps to make their brand name known.


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