Don’t Be Scared of a Good Idea



 How do you know when an idea is innovative?  When it scares the hell out of you.

The people who have significantly influenced our world most didn’t do it by being normal.  It always starts with an idea. June 29th, 2007, a man single handedly spearheaded the personal computer revolution. Steve Jobs.  He didn’t just create a product, but a lifestyle.  At first, he scared people.  His products intent was not only to connect person to person, but brand to person.  It made me realize that if people find trust in your brand they will be willing to go along for the ride.  Looking at Apple and the empire they’ve built makes me realize that even the scariest ideas don’t scare the loyal customers because they have faith in what you sell.  But how do we form this relationship?

 1. Differentiate:

Apple is unlike any other brand.  From day one they have made a distinction from their competitors and people have recognized this.  Apple’s biggest strength is founded in their weakness.  They are the first thing people think about when it comes to a successful brand.

2. Collaborate:

Partnered with a number of other brands Apple has been able to strengthen their marketing strategies—Google being one of them.  The sheer idea of applications allows other brands to cling on to Apple thus making it a collaboration unlike any other.

3. Innovate:

The Apple brand defines innovative.  Everything they come out with is better then the previous.  For example they have recently come out with colored iPhones a simple stylistic change propels them forward.

4. Validate:

Apple makes it simple.  They give their customers what they want, and more.  What they sell is of quality and their customers recognize that.  They validate their brand with their products.

5. Cultivate:

Apple has become a lifestyle.  They are always searching for the next best thing and reaching many different platforms while they do so.  Their brand has grown tremendously since the release of the first Apple product.

By just taking a look at Apple as a brand now and then shows it is evident how far they have come:


Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 2.07.24 PM



Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 2.12.26 PM


In the end, the lesson is don’t be afraid of ideas.  Looking at this lesson on a larger scale, it is easier to establish it within larger companies.  There is a greater fan base and it is easier to make your brand known when you have the capabilities to do so.  In a smaller company it is more threatening because they haven’t established their fundamental values.  Although taking risks is the reason brands grow.   It’s all about finding your focus, and sticking with it.  Often times we get lost in all the talk of businesses and don’t see their true value.  To be a successful brand one needs to find their niche and take it all the way.



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