Brands Create A Lifestyle


It’s all in the connection.  The connection you get between a loyal customer and a reliable brand.  A brand has the power to change a customer’s life in ways they don’t even realize.  I talked to three of my friends about the brand’s they are loyal to and where their loyalty all began.

“Clinique allows me to live a life where I can worry about more important things then the way I look.  I know I have a product that will make me feel beautiful no matter what.” –Bia Jurema (20 year-old college student)


Everyone wants to feel beautiful, but with the mass amounts of cosmetic brands on the market how does one choose?  For my friend Bia it’s simple: she sticks with Clinique.  A brand she has used for years that has never done her wrong.  She has formed a relationship with the brand because she knows she can count on her makeup to make her feel beautiful.  She doesn’t buy Clinique for the name, she buys it for the quality.  I mentioned the five disciplines of branding asking her to pick which one she thought fit Clinique best as a brand.  Her response?  Differentiate.  Clinique products strive for the best.  They have developed a high end brand that may cost extra, but it gives the quality people want in their products.  Clinique has created a lifestyle for Bia.  It gives her the confidence she needs in her every day life and she won’t be changing from Clinique any time soon.

“I use Proactive because it’s a reliable brand that doesn’t try to deceive me.” –Vanessa Singleton (21 year-old college student)


Health and beauty are key to living a happy and healthy life.  Proactive as a brand stresses people to be “proactive” and make the change for themselves.  When I asked my friend Vanessa what she found to be the most influential brand in her life, she named Proactive.  I myself have to agree with her on this one because I have had my own experience with the brand, and it has changed how I feel on both the inside and outside.  We both agreed that we know we can count on Proactive products to produce the best results.

Vanessa’s reliance on Proactive also weighed heavily with their consistency.  Their products are always high quality and produce results.  She was swayed heavily by their campaigns and advertisements because the people they featured where real, which allowed her to connect with the product.  This just goes to show that sometimes laying your product out for the consumer to see, and giving them pictures of the end result can really effect a consumer’s decision.

“I always trust the Nike brand to be the best quality work out gear, that’s why I keep coming back for more.” –Jenn Johnson (21 year-old college student)


For Jenn, working out is life.  As an exercise science major she promotes a healthy lifestyle that consists of exercising and good eating.  As more brands develop and athletic apparel options boom, Jenn knows one brand that has always stayed consistent: Nike.  The quality of Nike products has always drawn her to make the purchase, because she knows she can rely on them.  She has built a trust with the brand that has lasted for as long as she can remember.  Although The power of the Nike brand is in their message.  They encompass a life of passion to be the best you can be.  Relatable to Jenn’s life, she consistently tries to live up to her own expectations.  Jenn knows that she can rely on her Nike products, and sees them as a reminder of the lifestyle she wants to live.  Nike continues to cultivate and adapt to their marketplace, making them continually a top leader in both Jenn’s eyes and the eye of the public.

Consumers like everyone else, these three girls have focused on what has built their brand loyalty.  Clinique gave Bia satisfaction and confidence; Proactive built trust within Vanessa; and Jenn knows that Nike will consistently produce the best quality products.  These different factors come together to build a foundation, and once it is formed, a brand can never go wrong if they stay true to their customer.


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