Take a Bite From The Competition


If someone were to ask me what my favorite dessert was growing up, hands down my answer would be ice cream.  After a long day, my family and I would sit back and relax with a bowl of ice cream.  It’s a memory I will always have and it only took one scoop.

Growing up we always had Breyers ice cream in the fridge, but as I got older I began to branch out and enjoyed spending a little extra money on brands such as Ben & Jerry’s and Haagan Daz.  If I were to go to the grocery store today and look around at all the brands, there is no doubt that I would chose one of these three.


For me, ice cream is all about the taste.  But as frozen yogurt has broken into the market, ice cream has been facing some tough competition.  Differentiation has become the leading way to keep your brand on top.

In comparison to other ice cream brands, Dreyer’s Ice Cream is not as successful as its competition.  Taking a closer look at it’s presence in the market will give a better insight as to how it compares to other brands and how it could better establish itself against them.

I decided to put Dreyer’s up against it’s top competition: Ben & Jerry’s.


Ben & Jerry’s success did not begin right away.  It took time and passion to develop what they have today, but there branding strategy has brought them a long way.  With their 7 million likes on Facebook, it is evident that Ben & Jerry’s is at the top of it’s game and plans to stay around for a long time.

Strategic Branding is crucial to success as a brand.  According to MarketingMo.com “…brand strategy brings your competitive positioning to life, and works to position you as a certain ‘something’ in the mind of your prospects and customers.”  How does a brand become that ‘something’, well it all starts at the developmental stages.  It’s never too late to rebrand and by walking through a five step process to developing a positioning statement and communications strategy anything can happen.

  1. Prepare: Market Research & Competitive Analysis
  2. Analyze: Overview as a brand
  3. Define: Brand Positioning Statement
  4. Implement: Communication Strategy
  5. Create: Creative Development

These five steps would really help Dreyer’s develop a fresh, innovative idea that would take their brand to the next level.  Risk and change have to be involved in the stages of development.  It gives the brand an opportunity to expand and strengthen what they already have.

In order to actually redevelop their brand Dreyer’s needs to take a bite out of the competition and give themselves an edge above the rest.





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